Application Info

Step By Step Application Process

  • Schedule a showing and take a look at your new home – 505-604-8291 ext 102 or on our website we do not rent site unseen

There is a high probability that we will receive multiple applications for this property. Please don’t start the application process if you don’t want you application to be considered in a “highest and best” situation. The $35+tax application fee is NON REFUNDABLE!

  • Provide income verification: 2 most recent pay stubs, offer letter, retirement funds etc. We don’t accept bank statements as proof of in come, unless you are paying the entire term of the lease up front. Email the income verification to:
  • For most of our properties 2.5x of monthly rent is the required qualifying income. Unemployment will not be accepted as income.
  • After we verify your income, you will be directed to complete the online application on our website – application fee $35+tax/adult – non refundable.
  • After your application is completed, we will run your background check- criminal, credit and rental history check. Depending on your background check, we might require Last Month’s rent with your lease.

We have 4 straight declines – any evictions in the past 7 years, any money owed to any prior landlord (with no time limit), any violent felonies, and registered sex offenders.

With a conditional accept, we require last month’s rent.

  • After you are notified that your application was selected for the property, you will need to complete the Pet Screening on – no pets – free; service animals and emotional support animals– free; and household pets – $25 for the first pet and $20/pet for any additional pets.
  • We will be reaching out to your prior landlord and employer listed on your application to verify the information provided.

We are receiving and processing all applications up until we have a fully approved application (all above items are completed and applicant has the best application).

Usual questions we will have to clarify before signing the lease: Desired move in date, duration of the lease, residents, pets etc.

  • We will be sending out your lease via Docusign for review and signatures.
  • Upon signing your lease, the security deposit will be due immediately. – Cashier’s check, money order or rent money.
  • We prorate the rent from your desired move in date to the end of the month. If you are moving in after the 20th of the month, at your move in, we will be collecting the following month’s rent.

The amount collected at your move in will also have to be a cashier’s check, money order or rent money.

  • Please don’t forget to put all required utilities into your name. For you to be able to receive key, you will need to provide utility confirmation numbers.
  • During your application process, you will be receiving multiple emails from Absolute Property Management, including important information regarding your lease. Please read all documents and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
  • Please make sure you – Log In – to your tenant portal, for easier rent payment and communication.

Welcome to HomeRive Group!

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